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UK FinTech doubles down

After exceptional growth, UK FinTech doubles down on platform and makes senior hires. XALT, the fastest growing point-of-sale insights platform for Asset Managers, confirms future focus and announces two senior appointments, following client expansion in the UK, US and Europe.


eVestment Partnership Announcement

XALT & eVestment Partner to Deliver Investment Insights with Innovative Artificial Intelligence. PureGroup, through its point-of-sale insights platform XALT, and eVestment, a Nasdaq company and a global leader in institutional investment data and analytics, today announced a strategic partnership under which eVestment data will be integrated into the XALT platform.


Investment Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Russ Elliot, Head of Asset Management Market Intelligence at eVestment is joined by Patrick Murphy, Founder of the PureGroup/XALT platform. Russ and Patrick discuss how a customized data experience driven by artificial intelligence and dynamic insights empowers distribution teams to deliver enhanced client engagement and better outcomes.


Loosely Coupling Salesforce

Do you find that Salesforce devours time from your sales teams to 'feed it' information? Then you have not invested wisely. If you dump everything into Salesforce, it will become a teenager's bedroom! A pit of despair. It's OK for Salesforce not to be the ONLY application your sales team uses. You should select applications for what they do best, their reason for being, and then loosely integrate them.


Client Centric Asset Managers

How to regain your clients' trust and deepen engagement by aligning your Salesforce data to Performance Analytics to create hyper-personalised insights that make you stand out from the crowd. Yes. Data and technology makes you more effective, but more importantly, it makes you look smarter to your clients so that you can win more assets.


Deliver Actionable Insight

Data is important but without it delivering an actionable insight that can be monetised, it is worthless. Delve into how to be smarter by joining data together to form actionable insights that can be monetised .As an industry, are we guilty of overwhelming clients with content that is not specific to their questions and needs?


Next Best Actions

Capture Structured Data to enhance the value of your NBA. Enable your Sales team to take action now. Monetise the signal by providing actionable insights & content tailored to BOTH the signal and the client opportunity. Otherwise you are providing a target but no ability to convert. Track engagement, Feedback, Learn - Close the Loop.